Network Blogger: I didn’t think I’d be so fussy about dressing my baby, but I am

I didn’t think I’d be so fussy about what Sam wore, but I am. He’s only 10months old but I’ve been making decisions about what he wears (or doesn’t wear) since the day he was born.

Between the ages of 0-3months I dressed my baby as a baby, as in, only in babygrows. Mostly striped ones or printed (foxes, sausage dogs) ones. When I see babies in proper outfits I cringe, I don’t think they don’t look like babies dressed like that.

Slogans.  I hate (with a passion) anything with a slogan “mummy’s little star” “daddy’s my hero” “little monster” “here comes trouble” – no, no, no, no, no.

Disney Schmisney. I don’t like Disneyfied baby clothes, I don’t want him to be a walking advert for Disney, and I don’t like those cutesy characters either. So I kept him out of them.

Animal onesies, hoodies and anything that makes him look like an animal. I haven’t bought or dressed him in any character fancy dress outfits and any hooded items with ears have been  cut off (that’s the ears, not the hood). I just don’t like them. He can wear them when he is old enough to ask.

Shoes.  Personally I don’t think he needs shoes until he’s walking. He has worn what I would describe as “padders”, soft material bootees, and only then – they were worn to keep his feet warm in the sling when it was cold outside.

Sam’s wardrobe consists of striped, printed or appliqued tops, printed short sleeve shirts and cotton chinos or denim bottoms. A couple of zip up hoodies and socks.

Sam doesn’t have things “for best” what he has, he wears.

I only dress Sam in joggers as emergency clothes, packed in the change bag.

I always buy new vests (short & long sleeve) for Sam, and I tend to buy these when there’s an offer on and buy extra in the next size up.

70% of Sam’s wardrobe is 2nd hand – either freebies from friends, jumble sale bargains, charity shop purchases or eBay bundles (bulk buying clothes for a specific age & gender). This way I can buy some of the more expensive brands (from a previous season) for a fraction of the price. And I can be picky too, sticking to the stripes/printed tops and t-shirts.

How many clothes does he need? I’m still trying to gauge what the magic number is for how many tops, vests and bottoms to have. I need enough to last the week, with spares for us (& nursery), I don’t want to have too few so that I run out by the end of the week, but I don’t want too many.

No coat hangers, thanks. I don’t hang up Sam’s clothes, they fold up and store in his drawers fine.

Iron? No, I don’t iron Sam’s clothes. I don’t iron my own, and I’m not going to start now.

I’m sure everyone has a style preference for their baby, and I know as Sam gets older he’ll carve out his own style.  And after this is published, I know it’ll be a Disney T-shirt emblazoned with “mummy’s little Tinkerbell” teamed with a pair of joggers and a tiger-eared hoodie!


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