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I was so excited to write my first post for the  Birth and Baby Network that I just launched straight into it. No friendly hello. No nice to meet you, my name is…

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..It’s Rachel by the way.Just a delighted ramble about the differences between my two babies sleeping habits.


So now for a belated introduction.

I’m a local Mum with two gorgeous children. I’m going to stick with using their pseudonyms from my other blog. Sunflower is my almost 3-year-old girl and Pumpkin is my wanna-be toddler, a10 month old boy.


In retrospect these pseudonyms have caused a few problems. When describing how my darling boy expresses delight I have written ‘Pumpkin clapping’. I had to explain this is not a new-fangled musical technique.  Merely a ten-month old clapping his hands.

Similarly during one of the recent hot days I ‘planted lettuce seeds with Sunflower’. One of my readers thought I was offering nifty gardening techniques. More prosaically my pre-school girl was simply helping to plant the seeds.


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Why am I blogging?

Well I started for several complex reasons, circumstances changed, I was left with a blog and discovered I quite enjoyed writing. My other blog ‘Ten Minutes Spare’ is mainly about the challenges and chaos of trying to stay physically active and provide nutritious food for my family, as a parent with not enough minutes in the day.

I have also set up a Facebook group for Mums and Dads to chat about the exercise/fitness groups and classes they attend that are child friendly; to offer advice about ways of finding time for themselves and to motivate each other Do come and check it out if you are finding it difficult to find ten minutes spare for yourself

I was thrilled to have a chance here at the Birth & Baby Network to write about some other aspects of parenting. The mundane and the ordinary; the challenges and chaos; the joy and the all consuming love. Since I’ve already used a few too many of your ‘spare ten minutes’ I’m going to keep it brief today…


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Capturing the ordinary moments

Parenting can be beautiful, challenging, worrying, downright hilarious and chaotic. Some days might seem to drag forever, but for me, my two little ones are growing and changing so fast I can barely keep up. I want to capture all the little moments of fleeting joy before they grow and change again. Clearly I can’t.

But instead here are a few of the moments of happiness from our week.

  • We met one of my Husband’s friends called ‘Christopher’. This name was a bit too much of a mouthful for Sunflower. She spent the first half of his visit calling him ‘Christmas’ before eventually settling on ‘Chris-man’. I think he was quite taken with cool hip-ness the latter.
  • Pumpkin is not yet able to talk. It is still incredibly endearing that when he is excited to be offered some food his babble of noise goes ‘yeah-yeah yeah-yeah yeah-yeah’ as he reaches excitedly for the banana; raisins; yoghurt or similar treat.
  • Sunflower has only relatively recently started sleeping though the night by herself (yes, yes I know this is a topic all of its own). She now wakes most mornings shouting proudly and delightedly ‘ I’M SLEEPING ALL BY MYSELF’.  I summon up enthusiasm every morning to respond adequately to her delight.
  • This week we have also travelled up to Scotland on holiday to the Isle of Bute. We took the crossing on a ferry. Sunflower has talked excitedly about the ‘fairy boat’ ever since.


So there you go. No incredible words of wisdom; no really witty parenting anecdotes; just a few ordinary happy moments. Although sometimes I think it is these that make parenting so special.



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