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Our first holiday with Sam was a long weekend in Ingleton, Yorkshire Dales. We’d been in May 2014, my husband took part in a mountain bike orienteering event, and we stayed in a lovely self catering studio cottage just outside the village. So a few days before we went this time I decided that it might be useful to write a list, or two. “Things to take for Mr Sam”, and a food list.

My biggest headache, and something I got myself quite stressed about, was what food(s) to take for Mr Sam? He is at nursery full time and is eating good, wholesome, nourishing foods for lunch and tea. I got a bit flappy about *not* having a plan about what he’d be eating, I know we’d try and give him what we ate at lunchtime, but if he didn’t like it he might end up only eating packet foods rather than cooked from scratch. I eventually accepted that this might be the best way and Mr Sam wouldn’t die because of it. So I packed LOADS of Ella’s Kitchen pouches, dry snacks, packed yogurt, fresh fruit and fruit bread. 


As for clothes and other stuff for an 8 1/2 month old…I packed 4 sets of clothes, and 2 spare,which included a pair of shorts and a t-shirt (thinking we’d enjoy a bit of summer). 2 sleeping bags should do us 4 nights, 6 bedtime nappies, 25 daytime nappies, 15 bibs, 1 hoodie jacket, a sling, a big plastic garden trug for Sam to have a bath in (this place only had a shower), a borrowed back carrier, pushchair (not buggy), his bucket of toys from home, his pushchair (not buggy), IKEA Highchair, piece of oilcloth (which we put under the highchair to catch the mess), his bumbo seat, his bedtime books, his favourite daytime books, 4 spoons, 2 plastic bowls and his sippy cup. The car boot was rammed with our stuff.

The accommodation comprised of a small entrance hall, toilet and shower room and open plan kitchen, dining, living space with steps to a mezzanine loft with double mattress and sloping roof. Sam’s travel cot (borrowed from the people who own the cottage) was in the living space…How were we to cook/eat/chill whilst Mr Sam was just there? Now I wondered how we could make and eat dinner without waking him?

What about getting him to sleep and taking him to the loft bed so we could make a bit of noise without waking him? My husband didn’t want to do that, he thought that we’d just keep the travel cot where it was and we’d see how we went.

Of course we coped, our cooking noises woke him on the first night, but by the end of the holiday he didn’t seem to stir.

Sam’s bathtime consisted of bath in a big plastic gardening trug, which he thought was marvellous – bathing in the middle of the living room floor (the trug idea was a tip in a parenting Facebook group – “Like”).


During the day he tried a bit of our food, snacked on rice cakes, fruit and yogurt and ate veg pouches and fruit pouches. And he survived – why was I letting it worry me?

Our days were spent playing with toys, visiting cafés, smiling at people, playing in the park (Sam’s first time on a swing), walking with Sam in the baby carrier (which he loved) touching/stroking leaves and flowers, watching farm animals, singing, saying da da da (just in time for father’s day) as well as ma ma ma and ba ba ba. One day Sam stroked an owl! The weather wasn’t always great but we made do with the conditions, a bit of drizzle didn’t hurt anyone.

We brought home: loads of Ella’s Kitchen pouches, 3 nappies, 1 pair of shorts, 2 t-shirts, 8 bibs and 1 pair of socks. Not bad for our first family holiday. Next holiday is a 3-day camping holiday with my 12 year old stepson to Seahouses, the big boys are in a tent and me and Sam are in a Wigwam, watch this space!

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