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The last few months have been a rather testing time for me and my husband. My anxiety levels have risen; I have been panicking about what life has instore for me. Themes that have played a role in the last few pieces I have written for this site.

So what am I doing about it…

  1. Taking medication – I hate the fact I am doing it but it makes me better, it makes me a calmer person, it makes me less snappy, it helps me sleep. I am hoping to stop taking the anti-depressants and am slowly weaning myself off them.

  2. Sort help for Isaac’s lack of sleep. So far so good. Sticker chart and reward scheme seem to have been making a difference. Oh to be three and do anything for stickers and your choice of reward.

  3. Ash Wednesday saw the start of Lent and I made the decision to give up alcohol for Lent. There have been times when I would do anything for a glass of wine or a glass of Durham Gin and Tonic but I have stayed true to my faith. This has had a positive effect on my waistline.
  4. And finally decided to add strings to my bow.

Yes, I am a qualified teacher. Yes, I am an active and busy sling librarian and carrying consultant but I have also decided to do more. I recently signed up to complete an online based Autism Awareness diploma, to build on the skills and understanding I developed all those years ago while writing my undergraduate dissertation. I’m loving it. There is no deadline, I can complete the modules at my own pace, in my own time. But the fact I am doing something for me, for my own mental stimulation and benefit is making me feel good. It is a positive step.

I also took a giant leap of faith and accepted a freelance contract to organise stand at big baby shows for a carrier company that I hold very dear to my heart. It has brought me head first into a world I didn’t know existed. A world of event organisation, event contractors and hire furniture. I was scared when I was offered the role. Could I do it? I didn’t want to the owner or any of her employees down. Would I make a massive mistake? The normal fears I have as part of my anxiety rose their head. I sort support from friends who reaffirmed that I would not have been asked if I wasn’t up to the job. Being asked recently to do the same for three further shows was a massive boost to my confidence. It has given me another string to add to my bow.

I acceptedan offer of more freelance work and this time it involved some modelling of wraps for Opitai Baby and their new line of woven wraps. It was great fun and I was honoured to help one of the ladies who helped me learn to carry all those years ago.

Finally, and this will likely effect what I can do as a sling librarian and babywearing consultant, I am potentially looking at going back to work. Not as a teacher, hey I have written enough about how that nearly killed me, but I need to do something. I have so many skills beyond just being a mother and babywearing consultant. I don’t want to go back to full time employment because I do enjoy being able to do the school drop off and pick-ups. But I feel the time has come. I love the sling library and the consultations I do. I hope that by finding part-time work I would be able to combine the two.

Anyway, onwards and upwards and let’s start looking towards the future and all the things it has to offer.


Rachel Coy  | The North East Sling Library

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