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We have a toddler in the house!

Our baby has progressed from commando crawl, to crawling, to cruising around the furniture, to taking his first few steps – and now there’s no stopping him. He’s growing in confidence and can take about 30 steps in one go! His grandma bought him his first pair of shoes, which to me is the official badge of a toddler!

As well as being able to get around the house more, the toddler is better at communicating what he wants, and doesn’t want. The toddler points, grabs, and babbles to tell us what he wants, shakes his head, says no, or throws himself back and protests loudly when there’s something he doesn’t want.

The toddler takes an interest in anything and everything, especially things that aren’t toys: empty boxes, toothbrushes, pegs, the noisy vacuum cleaner, the bathroom plug and the TV remote control.

The toddler loves books, turning the pages, making the noises, pointing to the pictures and giving someone else the book – to read to him. Toddlers don’t get bored of the same book either – I must have read the list of things the hungry caterpillar ate at least 10 times the other day, it was me who cracked and had to stop reading it…1 apple, 2 pears 3 plums, 4 strawberries, 5 oranges (but he was still hungry).

When the toddler gets an object he’s not usually allowed, like my mobile phone, he thinks it’s marvellous and he’ll try to make off with it – he can’t run but he’ll scuttle off as quick as a flash. And when you say “please” and hold your hand out to ask for it back, he’ll flash you a cheeky smile that says “no- it’s mine now”.

The toddler understands the word “no” and seems to react differently to it every time…sometimes we get a grin and he’ll continue to do what he was doing before, and sometimes he’ll throw himself backwards, get very upset and we’ll have a full blown screaming banshee rolling around the floor.

The toddler is sleeping better and eating well (some days he’s like a human dustbin) and is attempting to use a spoon. The toddler has had his first hair cut, first prescription from the doctor, drawn his first picture and had his first bike ride.

It’s never a dull moment with a toddler and we’re discovering so many new things together every day. Life is good.

lisa vincent

Lisa Vincent | Loopygirl

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