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I’m a single mother from Malaysia, I am a hijab wearing muslim  and I have 2 girls –  aged 2 and 5 – so there’s lots of drama. I have just moved from the city onto an island with the attempt to home school my girls. I’m very honest in what I write.


It’s our 5th day on the island and everything seemed normal. I was done with our lessons for the day but couldn’t be bothered to go swim with the kids because I was just so tired…I’m guessing the heat is getting to me already…but I suppose it got to my girls more.

Reminding the girls to constantly drink water is a mission. They either won’t or they’re way to busy to think of it. After dinner, I took the girls to our room, read a book, said our prayers and switched on the hippo lullaby light and lay with them until they went to sleep. I came out to the beach to hang out with the rest and went to bed at about midnight. I gave a kiss to Ariana then I reached and kissed Ameera only to find that she was boiling hot. Luckily I brought my thermometer to check her temperature and it was 39.5°C! So, I freaked out! I can handle temperatures as long as they’re 39° and below but once it gets higher, I usually rush the girls to the nearest clinic or hospital.. but this time it was different because we are on an island with NO clinic or hospital and the mainland is a 40 minute boat ride.

A resort guest was once a marine medic so I woke him up and asked if he had anything I could give Ameera to help bring her temperature down – he crushed a couple of tablets and mixed them into a vitamin C drink and asked me to have her drink some. I was rather wary because #1 they were full on adult dosage and #2 he had had half a bottle of wine only a few hours before.. so I was relieved when Ameera refused to drink it. Then he stood thinking of something else to try and it became clear that he’s never really dealt with sick little one and I began to regret waking the dude up!

I continued wiping Ameera down with a wet towel hoping her temperature would  go down but it went to 40°C. So now I was really  FREAKING OUT! I began to get all paranoid, I began to regret not carrying her every time she would cry to be carried, I started to imagine in unimaginable. Now I knew I had to wake up my boss ( at 3am!) and ask her for some child medicine (I homeschool her kids as well as my own plus she’s been living on this island with her family for 15 years, so she’d definitely be well stocked).

Ameera was given some Tylenol and I asked the turtle guys (there is a turtle conservation programme on the island and there are turtle patrols every hour) to wake me up every hour so I could monitor Ameera’s temperature. Her temp stayed at 39.6° – I just wanted the night to be over so I could take the first boat to the mainland.

At 8am we took the 40 minute ride to Kuala Besut and as soon as we got there,  Ameera’s fever went down but I went to get her checked out anyway.

The doctor wasn’t in until 10am so I took a taxi to get to the nearest town as my boss recommended I go to a clinic she usually goes to which is a 20 minute drive away. The clinic was packed! But I registered both my girls as Ariana, my eldest, had a slight cough so I had night as well get her treated too.

After seeing the doctor, turns out Ameera had a tinge of water in her lungs – dunno how that happens and I really hope the meds Ameera was given clears it out asap!

And, not wanting to take any more chances, before I headed back to the island I went to the pharmacy and stocked up on my medical supplies. What a trip!


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