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The summer holidays are over and they were another new learning curve for me – my children are getting bigger and more independent and they wanted to spend more time with their friends. I relax work commitments in the summer holidays to spend more time with my children and, some days this year, I just wasn’t needed. Of course I was then needed when I was up to my eyes in work and about to meet a client but my ‘freedom’ got me thinking about who I am and what I can do when I have this free time.

I usually see any free time as a chance to catch up on work but that’s not good and, while on holiday this year, I decided that I need something for me that isn’t focused on the kids or work. But what? And maybe it should be something the kids can join in with if they like?

For so long any time not spent at work has been about the kids – parks, playgrounds, soft play, activities to keep them entertained, educated and happy but the need for this has shifted. I’m not sure I know how to do something that isn’t kids or work – balancing the two is all I have known for 14 years.

I’ve always wanted to learn how to use the sewing machine properly, I want to go walking, I want to take more photos. I might even learn how to make something in glass. Nothing exciting, nothing complicated, just something enjoyable and relaxing for me, something I can slot into life to give me something to do when I am not needed.

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