Birth, Baby & Family provides one-to-one parent support sessions for you to gain information, support and reassurance on a range of parenting issues. As a practitioner with a range of professional training and experience working with parents from pregnancy to preschool I can help with…

Pregnancy Support & Birth Preparation – worries and concerns, birth preparation, caesareans, inductions, baby preparation

Postnatal & Baby Support – sleep, feeding, birth debrief, adjusting to being a parent, life with two or more children, going back to work

Support for Parents – to focus on specific parenting issues with children over one, to focus on you as a parent or to focus on you, the person behind the parent

Relaxation Skills – sessions to ease and deal with stress, anxiety or panic in day to day life.

Phone & Email Support – for parents who can’t see me face-to-face because of distance or time contraints


Sessions are confidential and can focus on your individual needs. Daytime, evening and weekend sessions are available, so you can arrange a time that best suits you…


 Appointments are available on:

Monday: morning | afternoon | evening
Thursday: morning | afternoon | evening
Friday: afternoon | evening
Saturday: morning | afternoon

in North Shields or I can come to your home
(if you live outside North Tyneside there may be an additional travel fee)

Just get in touch to book your appointment.

I am a specialist in pregnancy, birth and parent support and I work with parents to focus on a range of issues. After working with expectant and new parents for many years, it became important to me to be able to provide sessions for parents as their children grow and the personal and family challenges change.
It’s about having time to offload, think and plan, having a safe space to focus on you to talk things through and to move forward.

To find our more or to book your session, just send me message.

Janine x