Parenting and Mental Health Week


This week is Parenting and Mental Health Week on the Birth & Baby Network. I wanted to do this because parenting can be difficult enough at times, but throw in some depression, anxiety or any other mental health issue and there’s a whole new range of difficulties.

I am grateful that lots of parents have sent me their stories and some comments – some of which are anonymous – and I hope they help you. And please do share your story with us as well.

There is a huge stigma about mental health and I have tried to be as open as possible about my periods of depression and anxiety because I believe that the more openness there is, the more we will accept it, get to know it and talk about it.

It’s important for people to know that having mental health issues does not mean that people are dangerous, unhinged or weird. But many people who are suffering feel that they need to hide their struggles because they are worried about being treated differently or being discriminated against.

It would be great if you could read, comment and share people’s stories this week.

Janine x

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