It is not always possible to meet face to face, due to distance or time constraints, so I now provide other options for parents to gain information, support and reassurance…

a peptalk

If you are in need of a confidence boost about birth, about your baby or about you, the person behind the parent
£25 for up to an hour

a more indepth session

life coach session

birth preparation

birth debrief

postnatal consultation
sleep, being a mum, relationship changes, life with your baby, weaning & going back to work

 £50 for 2 hours

why book a session?

As an experienced practitioner in pregnancy, birth and parenting I provide parents with information, support and reassurance during group and private sessions – I want to extend this service to parents who can’t see me face-to-face.

Daytime, evening and weekend sessions are available – get in touch so we can arrange a time that fits in with both of us.

We can use phone, email/text, Skype or Facebook messaging

 appointments are available on:

Monday: 10am-12 | 1-4pm | from 7pm

Thursday: 10am-12 | 1-4pm | from 7pm

Friday: from 3pm

Saturday: between 10am-1pm


get in touch…