Pregnancy Fitness: Feel fit and strong with aerobic bumps

with Debbie from Buggyfit



If you are pregnant in Newcastle and Tyneside  this 4-week fitness course will help to:

improve your posture and to relieve the aches and pains of pregnancy

increase your stamina can help you with your labour

facilitate a faster recovery after you have given birth

Aerobic exercise is good – as well as helping us to stay in shape, it increases our heart rate, tones our muscles and and it helps to strengthen our heart and lungs.

Low impact aerobics is great in pregnancy because it can help you to stay in shape and it can improve your health and wellbeing. And, if you do low impact aerobics, your will keep any risks of injury to a minimum (although it is also important to listen to your body and if you feel like you need to stop, then stop!)

Debbie is an experienced pregnancy fitness instructor so she can guide you if any of the routines are proving difficult, especially as your bump grows or if you experience any aches and pains.

For more information you can contact Debbie:

07846 237855

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Debbie’s Buggyfit


debbie buggyfit Aerobic Bumps is run by Debbie Donaldside

I am a specialist pre and postnatal group fitness instructor helping hundreds of mums in the North East region over the last 7 years get into shape. I teach both indoor and outdoor classes and welcome both pre and postnatal mums to my classes.

Helping mums get into shape is my passion, I enjoy educating mums on safe pre and postnatal exercise whilst having fun and making new friends at the same time.



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