with Clare Renwick

 Specialist yoga classes for pregnant women in North Tyneside, suitable from 15 weeks to birth 


A dedicated pregnancy yoga class will enable you to get the most from your yoga practice.  Yoga asanas (postures) are adapted to take into account your pregnancy and your growing body. 

Practising yoga during pregnancy will not only maintain your own health and well-being but will also bring peace to the body, mind and spirit of both you and your baby.


Other benefits of pregnancy yoga include:

Helps to build a harmonious bridge of contact between you and your baby
Yoga postures will help to create the flexibility, strength and stamina needed for labour
Maintains and strengthens the tone of the pelvic floor muscles
Relaxes the body and calms the mind
Helps to relieve backache
Helps you to develop an intuitive knowledge of your body which you will be able to draw upon during labour
Breath awareness techniques can help to relieve anxiety, fatigue and insomnia during pregnancy


7:15 – 8:15pm –  Linskill Centre, North Shields NE30 2AY
6 week course | £40 




As a busy mom of two and expecting my third baby, pregnancy yoga with Clare is a much needed and appreciated hour out of my week.  Clare sets a perfect calm and guided atmosphere where I can solely focus on my baby/body and centre, strengthen and bond! A perfect class to prepare you mind, body and soul for labour, birth and motherhood!
Alexia Partington

I did Clare’s pregnancy yoga during my second pregnancy and I very much wished I had done it the first time round. It was incredibly relaxing and because I was a second time mum, sometimes the only real time I got to focus on being pregnant and the miracle happening inside me. It was quite emotional.  I thoroughly recommend Clare’s yoga sessions.

Victoria Ruddle




About Clare

I am a fully qualified teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga and I have been teaching yoga classes for over 5 years.  I decided to deepen my knowledge of yoga during pregnancy by undertaking the post-graduate BWY Pregnancy Yoga module.  I believe a dedicated pregnancy yoga class enables pregnant women to get the most from their yoga practice and is an excellent way of preparing them for birth and beyond.

For more information about Pregnancy Yoga please don’t hesitate to contact Clare…

07493 985272



Link: Birth & Baby Network Pregnancy Pages

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