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Maternity Reflexology

This is a natural healing therapy that uses pressure points on your feet and hands to balance out other parts of your body. It can aid relaxation, relieve tension and it can be very beneficial during pregnancy.  

Julia has specialist training and many years experience treating clients safely and effectively throughout their pregnancy & post-birth.


Benefits throughout pregnancy can include:

Relaxation and releasing stress and anxiety, which can help to reduce high blood pressure
Increased energy levels
Easing discomforts such as heartburn, backache, nausea and swollen ankles
Help with constipation and cystitis
Insomnia and sleep problems
Turning a breech baby


The benefits for new mums can include:  

Breastfeeding problems such as engorged breasts
Stress and anxiety
Sleep problems
Postnatal depression
Increasing in energy levels



About Julia

Julia began her journey within holistic therapies over 15 years ago when she trained with the most respected and influential teachers in complementary medicine (including the prestigious International Federation of Aromatherapists and Association of Reflexologists where she was awarded distinctions in clinical practice). 

Julia established her company with a vision to provide the very best in holistic care. Further training included specialisms in pregnancy and post-natal care and Julia is delighted to be involved with the Birth and Baby Network, working alongside other health professionals to support local parents-to-be during pregnancy and beyond.

Julia assesses and teaches holistic therapies across the North-East, ensuring that the highest standards are maintained within the industry. 

Mindful of a holistic approach, Julia’s therapies nurture emotional as well as physical health. Her client’s needs will determine the unique and personalised therapy they will receive. Whether this is an aromatherapy massage using a blend of carefully selected oils or a course of reflexology to treat a specific health condition, the emphasis is on long-term well-being.

 If you have any questions about pregnancy massage and reflexology and how it can benefit you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Julia.

Sanctuary House
4 Upper Norfolk Street
North Shields
NE30 1PT

0191 257 7774

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