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I woke up at 1am on Tuesday to go to the loo and as I got out of bed my waters broke (all over the new carpet). I tried to go back to bed to get some more sleep, but contractions had kicked in. I put on my TENS machine and called the midwife who arrived at 4am to tell me I was 2cm dilated but fully effaced. By 6am I was in the pool as contractions had picked up. At 8am my community midwife and Doula had both turned up. I think at this point I was asking to transfer to hospital for an epidural/section!

Things got much better once my Doula was able to help me deal with the contractions and labour progressed well until 2pm-ish when I had a vaginal examination and I was at transition. The MW felt I was starting to want to push and called the second MW out.

Contractions continued and I was getting more and more ‘pushy’, but was also getting more and more tired. I was probably only managing to push as strongly as I needed to every third contraction. At 6pm I had another examination where I was told I was fully dilated and baby’s head was descending well.

By 8.30pm, I was completely knackered. I’d come out of the pool to push, but contractions had slowed down, I didn’t have the energy to stand, or move position so laid on the sofa to push. In the end I decided to transfer as I had made so little progress since 6pm and 2.5 hours of pushing. I transferred to hospital via ambulance with two lovely paramedics, who even put on the blues and twos for me when I asked nicely!

There was a slight Holby City moment when they took me up in a lift with ‘out of order’ on it, but luckily it didn’t break down! I arrived at hospital at 8.45pm and was seen immediately by a registrar who talked us through my options. I wanted to avoid an epidural, so decided on ventouse. After two attempts, he still hadn’t been delivered – and two is the maximum attempts with a ventouse apparently, so the registrar wanted to use forceps, which I objected to strongly I wasn’t having them up my foof!. I don’t remember this, but according to my husband, the midwife them took over and the registrar walked out in a huff! After three pushes, Henry was born at 9.05pm, so only 20 minutes after arrival at the hospital. No tears, episiotomy or stitches.

DH went home to get the car seat, and after a quick shower to get rid of the meconimum that Henry had deposited on me we came home and went to bed. Apparently he came out with his hand against his face, which is perhaps why pushing was such hard work.

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