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Zachary was born at 11.25am, weighing 8lb 7.5oz on 11th December 2010, after quite a short labour!

At around 7am I got up to go to the loo and there was a small gush of fluid/waters. I went back to bed and tried to doze. I was having mild contractions, but nothing major.

Got up, dressed, showered for 9am (ish) and things were hurting more, but because I had such a long labour with Henry I thought I had ages to go. Considered putting the TENS machine on, but in the end decided to get in the pool. Up until then, I’d been coping with breathing and swaying.

Got into the pool at about 10-10.30am. Had decided I’d had enough of Henry (aged 2.5) by then, so Peter was trying to contact people to collect him. Henry was trying to get in the pool with me! I also wanted the midwife so that I could have some entonox! I was starting to feel rather ‘pushy’ at this point.

I got into the pool and was starting to feel out of control and very “I can’t do this”. Part of me was hoping that it was transition, part of me thought it was far too soon – I knew I wanted a midwife there with the entonox though as I was really struggling to cope – it hurt. Lots.

Henry got collected at about 10.45am and I was feeling far more pushy with each contraction, but knew I’d better wait for the midwife if I could, so was going with the pushing, but not really pushing properly? The midwife arrived at 11.10am and I immediately demanded drugs which she sorted out for me. She then wanted to check me/baby out and I told her she wouldn’t have time. She stuck her hand in the water and confirmed baby was nearly here. Head was born and she checked the cord wasn’t round the neck.

My baby was born with the next contraction and was passed through my legs (rather short cord) where I saw he was a ‘he’. I started feeling shaky now, so once the cord had stopped pulsating, I requested synto. I cut the cord and then got out of the pool to deliver the placenta – I’d had enough of the contractions by then, so just wanted it out!

I had a quick shower and then we went to bed!


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