Rusks – 0-2 years

Rebels – 2-12 years

Rusks & Rebels Parties
Last year we launched our Rusks & Rebels Parties – being an online business we wanted customers to be able to see the quality of our clothing for themselves and there is no better way of doing this than taking our clothes into customer’s living rooms! This has enabled us to offer a very unique personalised service not available anywhere else, not only can our clothing be personalised but at parties guests can mix and match designs to different items of clothing enabling them to create one off items for their kids or as gifts! The parties have proven to be a massive hit, they have been so much fun and I have met some amazing hosts.
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About Rusks & Rebels

Rusks & Rebels began in 2011 with the simple idea of creating cool and funky t-shirts for my two rebels Dylan and Cameron. All our design inspiration comes from popular culture and fashion. Our very cool kids clothing and absolutely awesome baby collections will be constantly updated to mirror current trends and crazes making them very popular with all you daring-to-be-different dads and fashion-conscious yummy mummies. Rusks is our baby range 0- 2 yrs and Rebels is our Children’s range 2 – 12yrs.

All our clothing is ethically made which is something we feel very strongly about. We work with a supplier who invests heavily in ‘trade not aid’ and make sure that fair working conditions are implemented and NO child labour.

The Rusks & Rebels Dream…

When Rusks & Rebels was launched we were motivated by the possibility of it leading to future employment for our 15 year old son Dylan, who has a rare chromosome disorder called Williams Syndrome. The Syndrome effects all areas of Dylan’s development – he is a 15 year old boy living with the height, weight, educational and emotional development of a 5 or 6 year old. With one hand on a rather large piece of wood however, I am happy to say that all the medical conditions related to the Syndrome have so far past Dylan by, with only a few minor issues. So, his future health looks very positive, however his lack of development promises for an uncertain future in terms of employment.

As Rusks & Rebels has developed from an idea into reality, our motivation to provide future security and employment for Dylan has evolved into a dream to one day be able to offer employment opportunities for not just Dylan but for many adults, young and old, that are living with learning and developmental difficulties.

 “I get a huge sense of achievement when I see children in our clothing and see the smile it puts on people’s faces when they spot something their child would love!”
Gayle, Rusks & Rebels