Safe Sleeping

safe sleeping


Safe Sleeping

Safe sleeping is important to every parent but it might not be as simple as that – everyone has their own views on where a baby should sleep, parents may have their own views on co-sleeping and we also have to factor in a baby’s needs. If your baby will only settle near you, it can seem like a battle to get your baby to sleep away from you in a Moses Basket or in a crib. And if co-sleeping isn’t supported, then you can feel like you are getting it all wrong. Every baby is so different and sleep is important to everyone so it can help to find what works for you and your baby – as long as your baby is safe and you all get some sleep, doing what works is crucial.

It might be you need more information about keeping your baby safe in his Moses Basket, about knowing the guidelines to lower the risk of cot death and about knowing more about what the evidence says.

These links will provide you with information and research to be able to make a more informed decision about where your baby sleeps.

Reduce The Risk Of Cot Death

Sharing A Bed With Your Baby – Unicef Guidelines

 Infant Sleep Information

I am also on hand with a Sleep Support session if you need some reassurance and coping strategies.

Just get in touch with any queries…

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