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As with all things baby, we need to make sure they are safe. Every now and then there is some concern about carrying a baby in a sling.

The brilliant Rachel, from the North East Sling Library, has some helpful information for you…


Using a sling itself is not inherently dangerous if parents follow the safety guidance and the most up to date instructions for the sling you use.

It is important to keep baby in view at all times and the TICKS guidelines provides an excellent checklist for parents to follow:


When babies have tragically died in a sling they have been in a cradle position or the fabric has been too loose allowing the baby to slump and the baby has been covered. To date only two slings have ever been recalled due to fatalities and they held babies in a cradle carry: these are the Infantino Slingrider and the Wendy Bellisimo.

Newborn babies want to be held and they have a biological need to be held so it is unrealistic to tell parents not to use a sling. Babies under 4 months old are the group at most risk but they also the group most needing to be held and carried. Following TICKS will minimise the risks.

This article by Dr Rosie Knowles (a carrying consultant and GP) is extremely clear and well written and provides excellent advice to parents: Sling Safety With Young Babies


To find out more about carrying your baby safely and to try out different slings,
get in touch with Rachel for a consultation or to find out about her library sessions in the North East.

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