This underpins all of my work with parents – to provide information when needed but also support and reassurance, a listening ear, a comfortable space, along with – when needed – simple skills to deal with stress and feeling overwhelmed.

As a mum of three I know that being a parent is pretty special – it is amazing, demanding, wonderful, inspiring, overwhelming, rewarding, exhausting and emotional in equal measure.

There is guilt and juggling as well as a million different opinions on how to parent and our desperate need to get it right. It can be a tough gig!

My antenatal and postnatal training means I focus on you – the parent – and, with my life coach and relaxation training, I have enabled myself to work with you as your children grow and the family & personal challenges can shift.

This means I am able to provide unique support for parents to access – for information, to offload, for thinking space, for perspective, for reassurance, to feel supported.
It’s not always about answers but it is about informal groups, hot tea and some cake; it’s about one to one sessions to focus on what you need; it’s about ongoing support for you the parent and you, the person behind the parent.

Janine x
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