The beauty of birth

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It has always been my opinion that birth is beautiful and amazing and I mean every birth from the easy to the medicalised and complicated.

Birth can be raw, powerful, intense, exhausting and painful – it can flow well and it can be long and it can be complicated. No two births are the same because they are so unique for each individual woman – some women are left with positive memories, while others can be left scarred and needing further support.

Birth is beautiful because women who birth are beautiful and amazing – the power they possess to stay calm, to keep going, to use their breathing, to birth their babies is incredible – it demands awe and respect.

I write this after supporting a woman and her partner through two days of intense contractions. It was a long labour where plans changed, decisions were taken and pain and incredible tiredness was endured for the end goal of meeting her baby. It is not my story so I won’t share all the details but it was an honour to support her through every contraction – even when labour was at its toughest and she had to really dig deep, she was calm and focused and her breathing was relaxed despite being in pain, being exhausted and, at times, feeling scared. In short, she was incredible.

The birth was more medical than planned but she rocked it. She had great support from the midwives and doctors – who were caring, thoughtful, clear and, as much as they could, they listened when we needed them to – she had me as her doula and her fantastic husband by her side so she seemed safe and reassured through every step, every contraction and every decision. Despite it’s length and intensity there was plenty of chat, laughter and smiles and witnessing her effort, determination, instinct, power and ability is simply beautiful and it was an honour to be a part of it.

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