The Birth Basics

Labour and birth can be unpredictable – some labours plod, some labours are fast, many many labours are straightforward, some labours require assistance, very few are textbook. It can help to be as prepared as possible for how your labour unfolds and what you may need to do…

  • do you know to move and to have gravity in labour?
  • do you know how to use your breathing to stay calm, to head off any panic?
  • do you know about birth – about what your body needs to do to bring you your baby?
  • does your partner know how to support you?
  • do you know how to keep going if you are tired?
  • do you know about your pain relief options?
  • do you feel able to trust your instincts?
  • do you feel confident enough to say what you need?
  • do you know what helps if you need to be induced or you want an epidural?
  • do you know what to expect if you need a caesarean?


Your midwife will be there to support and to guide but good information and good preparation can make a huge difference to how you labour and how positive you feel about the birth of your baby. 




From a second-time mum: “I wanted to say a huge big thank you to you again for your support and the way you empower people to trust themselves and their own bodies.”

From second time parents who I taught with their first baby. This time they needed an unplanned caesarean section:  “We felt prepared and empowered thanks to your classes.”

From a first time mum who will openly admit to wanting an epidural all the way but there was no time: “So pleased I was prepared to ignore all my preconceptions!”  She also commented: “I love your direct approach! I feel great, really pleased we came to your classes.”




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To find out more about how you can prepare for the birth of your baby, just get in touch…

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