The challenges of motherhood

Being a mum

A new survey of 2000 mothers, commissioned by the DryNites company, listed the challenges faced by parents. 

The top ten were:

  1. sleep deprivation
  2. tantrums
  3. being patient
  4. keeping on top of household chores
  5. getting children to eat the right foods
  6. potty training
  7. sibling rivalry
  8.  juggling childcare
  9. giving children what they want without spoiling them
  10. getting them to clean their teeth properly.

Almost three quarters said motherhood had been much more challenging than they ever imagined. Almost half of mothers claimed they find things more challenging than their partner.

We all want to just do the right thing as a mother and, as a parent, there are challenges aplenty and the feelings of guilt about everything we do and every decision we make will never leave us. I have tried to listen to my instincts and do what is right for my kids and our family unit. I talk to my girls, I listen to my girls and I have happy girls but never do I think I have got it right because each day brings something new. I have lost my temper and shouted, I have had to walk away because a tantrum has made me angry and I have been completely stumped as to what to do next. I have had days when I would happily sell them on eBay – thankfully that is not possible!

As a parent I have learnt to pick my arguments, I have accepted that I don’t have all the answers and I never will and, as my girls grow, I have learnt the importance of parenting – I am not their friend, I am their mother. I am there to guide, to teach, to set an example, I am responsible for the dull stuff – making sure they eat some fruit and veg and not just biscuits, that they clean their teeth properly, that they come in when I ask them to, that they don’t watch TV all day, that they have manners and respect…

Being a mother is challenging, it is the hardest, most demanding thing I have ever done. It has pushed me to my limits, it has made me cry with frustration and exhaustion but I love it too – I love my kids, I love my life with them because they make me feel complete and, when all else fails, there is always a glass (bottle) of wine at the end of the day…

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