The summer’s over and it’s back to reality

That’s it, the summer holidays are done for another year. Today is all about getting school uniforms and their kit ready for another year in school and reality is about to kick in.

In July, the 7 weeks lay ahead with plans and ideas and a chance to relax and, as always,  in the blink of an eye it’s over, a fraction of the plans completed  and wondering where the time went.

I have always loved the school holidays, I am luckily able to have most of the time off with my children and I choose to continue to do that as they get older. I like being around for them, to hang out together and to regroup a bit when there are no strict schedules and when I am juggling less work.

Over the years it has changed – when my children were in primary school it was more about lots of days out, trips to the beach, long walks, exploring, family time together. Now they are older and in high school we aren’t often all together so unless we go away on holiday, the rest of the time is spent with them on their terms, around seeing friends, doing homework or just wanting to be in their room.

As I prepared for these school holidays I had a rose-tinted view of how it would be – some days out, going for some walks with atleast one of my children, playing games, baking and cooking together. I also had plans to reorganise the house and to relax. I think I set the bar too high!

Apart from a couple of Enforced Family Days, in addition to our holiday, I can no longer force my teenager to go for lovely long walks and the days of exploring a castle have sadly gone, instead it’s about watching a movie together, going for lunch, shopping and just chatting.  But I’ll take it because I’ve got to and because this summer has been fairly peaceful, with very little stress and hormones from the girls (mine are a different story) and we have had some fun and made a few memories. We haven’t had as many days out as I had wanted and I have had several hours of twiddling my thumbs because I was dumped for their friends but needed to hang about to be the taxi service but that’s the reality of older children. Like so many other mums out there, I also feel like haven’t stopped – apart from being ill at the end – because the school holidays can be about being picking up and dropping off and a long request of stuff to do “mam, can you just…”

But I am sad that the summer is over and tomorrow it is back to rushing about; schedules; juggling and feeling guilty about not having a better work/life/home/family/me balance.  Is it too soon to book another holiday?



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