The Tumbles and Grumbles Baby and Child First Aid Awareness Course offers parents the chance to gain knowledge and understanding into how to help their child or grandchild in those crucial moments before the Emergency Services arrive. Covering some of the most common yet serious childhood incidents and conditions – such as choking, CPR and meningitis – it gives you the chance to practice with the Resusci Annie Dolls in a very informal environment.

Most importantly, the course aims to empower you with knowledge and this brings about the confidence to help your
child or grandchild.

These courses are run across the North East with a list of sessions available here.

Home run courses are also available. If you are interested in arranging a home course,  with a minimum of 4 attendees, just get in touch to arrange this.

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Sessions will run at the Birth & Baby Family Centre each month…

The Baby and Child First Aid Awareness Course is 3 hours long and covers:

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To find out more and to book your session contact Caroline…


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I am Caroline, I am a Parent, I am a Paramedic!!

Hi, I am Caroline from Tumbles and Grumbles. I am really pleased to be part of the Birth and Baby Network and am looking forward to meeting some great people along the way! Let me tell you a little bit about myself and my “baby”…Tumbles and Grumbles.

I am a Paramedic of 13 years and have had hands on experience of treating babies and children in many situations. I have experienced some amazing things during my career, and have been lucky enough to deliver 8 healthy babies, sometimes in the strangest of places! On the flip side though, I have seen and treated some things that aren’t so wonderful! It’s because of this knowledge and experience that I feel able to help Parents, Grandparents and Carers to help their children in an emergency, if ever needed.

Also, and most importantly, I am a Parent! I have a beautiful little girl and I feel truly blessed. I also felt extremely lucky that I knew/know what to do to help her if she ever became seriously injured or ill. I couldn’t imagine not knowing! As soon as I could I trained my Partner, Parents and In-Laws in Baby and Child First Aid because I wanted them to know what to do too.

During my Maternity leave, I regularly met up with friends and their babies and it became really apparent that things like choking and meningitis were a real concern for them. And, after some researching I realised that this was a real need…..and it was a need that I wanted to meet. So, Tumbles and Grumbles was born in May 2015…and I couldn’t be more passionate about it! It is fantastic when people leave my courses saying they feel empowered and confident enough to do something in those precious moments between an incident taking place and the Emergency Services arriving. I couldn’t ask for any more!