Decote Dance is an established and well respected dance school based in Whitley Bay, they have recently launched their Pre-School Dance Academy and they are now part of the Birth & Baby Network.

The Decote Pre-school Dance classes run in Whitley Bay and in North Shields and they are always full of happy excited children who love to have fun and dance…


Stage  1   
18 months – 3 years ( Parent Participation)

Together you will learn the basics of Ballet in a fun, informal class that will guarantee to make you and your child smile. They will run, jump, skip, wave their magic wands, plié, point their way through an exciting programme that has been developed by Jo-Anne Torre.

Stage 2 
3 years – 4 years

The children will be gaining confidence and will be able to participate on their own in this next stage class. Still in an informal learning environment they will be advancing their technique but in a way they will love, known nursery songs plus even an occasional sneaky pop song.


Our Funky Monkeyz programme has again been especially designed my Jo-Anne and offers the chance for children to take part in a faster pace class. This more hip hop based class  is very popular with both girls and boys.

Stage 1  
18 months – 3 years  (with parent participation)

Together learn how to be funky, learning basic dance steps that will improve co-ordination and balance, while increasing confidence to move and dance in their own space.


Stage 2 
3 years – 5 years

By now the children will gain confidence to come to class on their own, and will work towards the ATOD Hip Hop and Pre-School Jazz syllabus with  fun and fantastic short routines that will increase co-ordination and balance. Children will laugh and smile throughout these amazing classes.


3 years – 5 years

Working towards the ATOD pre school grades all the children will have loads of toe tapping fun in this popular class. 



My little girl Jessie has been going to baby ballet for 6 months now and absolutely loves it ! The music, songs, scarves and dolls used are gorgeous! I have a little tear in my eye most weeks watching little tots in tutus sprinkling fairy dust …… Love it!!
Lisa Heatherington


My daughter Scarlett started at 2 1/2 and at first I thought she would be too young to be left even for 30mins, but jo put the little ones at ease so much that Scarlett wasn’t fazed and skipped in every week! She absolutely loves Jo and all the teachers from Decote and she has flourished into the school and now does 2 classes a week and just completed her first show at the playhouse. I’m also about to bring my new baby Genevieve along as she turns 18 months soon and she loves to dance so I’m looking forward to Jo showing her the mermaid moves and catching the stars from the sky….

Abigail Conway-Todd

Me and my daughter Esmé (age2) attend Jo’s ballet class on a Tuesday, it’s fab! Esmé loves it and sings and dances at home to all the things Jo has taught her.

Natalie Evans



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Decote Dance is run by Jo-Anne Torre, a mum of three who is a trained fitness instructor and childminder as well as an experienced, qualified dancer. Jo-Anne loves to inspire children and she believes that, through expression of dance and music, this can be done. Jo-Anne is passionate about what she does, which makes her the perfect addition to the Birth & Baby Network.