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Congratulations – you have a baby and you are a parent. This is the most amazing journey of immense love, happiness and pride, which can be matched by immense frustration, exhaustion, uncertainty, isolation and loss of identity.

It is about learning to trust your instincts and finding your way and it is about getting the right support for you – making new friendships and finding the right places for good support, information and reassurance when you need it.

I started running my postnatal sessions to provide ongoing support for Tyneside parents – especially mums on maternity leave – from having a newborn to having a toddler and maybe having both.


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what are the benefits for Tyneside parents…

  • all sessions are run by a qualified and trained practitioner in pregnancy, birth and postnatal support so you can talk through a range of issues
  • a comfortable, relaxed, warm and friendly setting to be with your baby
  • I don’t have an agenda and I don’t subscribe to a particular style of parenting, my aim is to provide non-judgemental parent support
  • having the time and space to chat, offload and seek support & reassurance as you need it and as you adjust to being a parent and a different you
  • you can make new friendships
  • it’s about easing any isolation as a parent
  • most sessions are weekly and run as a drop-in so you don’t have to book in advance


My postnatal sessions…

Mother Cuppa – a weekly mother & baby group with conversation, discussion, support and reassurance

Baby Massage – relaxing courses for parents and babies

Weaning Workshop – to take the stress out of introducing solid food

Sleep Support – for tired parents

1:1 Parent Sessions – to talk through practical issues such as feeding and sleep, as well as adjusting to being a parent, relationship changes and experiencing low mood/anxiety

Birth Debrief Service – to talk through and make sense of the birth of your baby


If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Janine – a specialist in pregnancy, birth and parent support


Birth, Baby & Family – a practice for parents




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As an experienced and qualified practitioner, I specialise in pregnancy, birth and parent support - my aim is to listen, inform, support and reassure when needed. I have worked with parents since 2002 and I set up Birth, Baby & Family in 2011 to provide good information, different voices and links to the best products and services for families.