This is a session for you – to talk about…

adjusting to and being a mum

any conflict between being you and being a mum

loss of identity

whether you have any me time

juggling time, roles

managing your energy

focusing on you and what you need

This session can be attended as often as you need it – to refocus on you, to talk through new challenges. These sessions are for all mums – women on maternity leave as well as women with older children – from toddlers to teenagers.

With Janine Rudin
As a mum of three and a busy practitioner who works with mums, I know all about the juggling, the responsibilities, the conflicts between being mum and the person behind being mum, the emotions and the guilt. These sessions are for you to focus on you.

Saturdays 10am-12 | £15 | monthly
These sessions are for mums with children from babies to teenagers…


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Saturday, October 28: 10am-12

Saturday, November 25: 10am-12

Saturday, January 27: 10am-12

Saturday, February 24: 10am-12

Saturday, March 24: 10am-12


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