Toddler Development

toddler development

toddler development

Toddler Development – from 18months to 3 years old

A quick guide to what your toddler could be doing and some ideas of activities to do together…


Toddler Development – what can he do?

from 18 months…

  • walk
  • stop without falling over
  • kneel
  • carry something
  • climb
  • scribble
  • use pincer movement


from 2 years…

  • run
  • climb steps
  • use a spoon and fork
  • draw circles and lines
  • build a tower of blocks
  • pick up tiny objects

What is he aware of?

  • cause & effect
  • absent object awareness
  • following simple instructions
  • naming things
  • label basic feelings

What does he enjoy?

  • singing
  • dancing
  • books
  • pretend play
  • playing with other children

Things To Try

  • getting outdoors – playgrounds, parks, woods, beaches
  • balloons
  • push/pull toys
  • going for a walk
  • puzzles
  • drawing
  • naming objects
  • conversations
  • duplo & bricks
  • cooking swimming
  • dancing


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