What’s the point of antenatal classes?

What's the point of antenatal classes?

So, what’s the point of antenatal classes? If you are an expectant parent and you are starting to think about the birth of your baby, I run a range of antenatal sessions to provide good information, practical skills, discussion, a chance to ask questions and ongoing support.

If you are in Newcastle and Tyneside, I can see you face-to-face through 1:1 sessions and small group classes. If you live further away, I am developing online/email/phone sessions.

As an antenatal teacher for over 15 years, I possess good knowledge and I am also trained to teach expectant parents and to equip you with knowledge and skills for the birth of your baby. I don’t have an agenda, I am not just about natural birth, I prepare parents for the reality of birth, for its unpredictability, for straightforward labours, for longer labours where decisions might be needed, for knowing more about your options and gathering the information and support you need.

I don’t just churn out the same classes – my sessions are parent-focused, so I can respond to your need for information, reassurance, questions and concerns.

Birth can be wonderful and beautiful but it can also be raw, long and tougher than you expected – it can help to prepare well, to ask questions, to be better able to get the support you need. I have designed my sessions so you have the chance to think about what you might need, what might help you, what questions to ask and what to expect.

What’s the point of antenatal classes? To inform, discuss, think and prepare well – whether this is baby number one, or baby number three – it all makes a difference.

If you are pregnant and you would like to find out more about my sessions and how I can help you prepare well for the birth of your baby, just send me a message.

Janine Smith | a specialist in pregnancy, birth and parent support

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As an experienced and qualified practitioner, I specialise in pregnancy, birth and parent support - my aim is to listen, inform, support and reassure when needed. I have worked with parents since 2002 and I set up Birth, Baby & Family in 2011 to provide good information, different voices and links to the best products and services for families.

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