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I love running my baby massages courses and it is so much more than a lovely class to do with your baby. I run small groups so the sessions are informal and friendly – this means you can chat and ask all the questions you need about life with your young baby. The sessions can be a giggle and we can also have some tears – from mums and babies – and that’s all fine and the sessions can be as relaxing for the mums as well as the babies.

There’s massage, there’s chat. there’s tea and there’s cake and the sessions can be relaxing, informative and supportive. And it’s great to watch the babies respond to being massaged.

The massage can also help you to settle and soothe your baby, massage can help to relieve your baby’s trapped wind and constipation and it can help you feel more relaxed and able to help your baby. Babies can sleep really well afterwards too!

There are four sessions in a course, which run at the Birth & Baby Family Centre in North Shields, and it includes handouts, massage oil, tea and cake – all you need to do is bring your baby.

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baby massage

I also run a monthly drop-in for parents who have already attended a baby massage course but want to continue baby massage and have a refresher 

4th Wednesday of the month 1-2.30pm | £5 per session

October 2013 127

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch…

078 5774279

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