Birth, Baby & Family Business Network

The Birth, Baby & Family Practice provides a range of classes and support for parents from pregnancy and throughout family life for parents across Tyneside & Newcastle. It is a small practice with an established professional reputation.

My website provides a range of good information, articles and experiences about pregnancy, birth, babies, toddlers, children and teenagers, as well as support for parents.I also provide links to specialist businesses who have a great reputation for providing brilliant support, products and services for families. My website and social media reaches parents across the North East.

Be part of the conversation…on the website as well as on social media

I work directly with a number of expectant and new parents each month and I reach/interact with many more through the website, my social media and monthly newsletter. I only work alongside businesses who are experienced, professional, recommended and who fit in well with the supportive ethos of Birth, Baby & Family.

Throughout 2017 & 2018 the website consistently had: 20,000-24,000 unique visits per month & an average of 275,000 per month

Business Network Packages…

£10 monthly membership: your business will be included in the Business Network pages on the Birth, Baby & Family website and Facebook page, which will include links to your website. Your social media posts will be shared across social media and your news/offers will be included in blog posts and in my monthly client newsletter.

£25 blog posts: I can write blog posts about your business/organisation/service to be shared on the website and across social media.

£15 per month: sponsorship of specific posts & pages – your logo will be included on a category of posts/pages on the website with a link to your website. Categories are: Pregnancy | Birth | New Mums | Babies | Toddlers, Children & Teenagers | Health & Wellbeing | Parent Voices | Parenting | Family Essentials
(This is reduced to £10 per month if you are also a Network member)

£135 per year: sponsorship of The Birth, Baby & Family Labour & Birth Handbooks
(16 titles) & antenatal class teaching guides
& information

£35 per year: sponsorship of The Birth, Baby & Family Weaning Guide and workshop teaching information

£35 per year: sponsorship of The Birth, Baby & Family Baby Massage Guide

Coming Soon… Sponsorship of the new Tyneside Pregnancy, Birth & Baby Guide

To find out more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch…