World Doula Week: Memorable Moments

Being a doula, for me, has meant that I have often been with a client from those early contractions right through to her holding her baby in her arms. Every labour I have attended is memorable – I love birth, I love the rawness and the power of birth, I love being able to support women and their partners through this life-changing event.

giving birth

Memorable labour moments over the last year include:

keeping eye contact with a mum who was about to panic, she locked eyes with me for the couple of minutes it took her to push her baby into the world, when her fear turned to relief and happiness

being firm but gentle with a client who was exhausted but she needed to dig deep and believe in herself to keep going. And keep going she did

watching a slow labour, which was frustrating for my client, turn into something powerful and effective

watching a client rest and nod off in between her contractions

doing the labour dance – rocking, swaying, moving

helping a client move to help ease her backache and to encourage her baby to move into a better positions

watching dads relax as they feel more supported

watching couples connect and move together as they move closer to meeting their baby

watching labouring women listen to their bodies, to move into positions that feel more comfortable for them


I find birth beautiful – it is unpredictable, it can be straightforward or it can become more complicated but it is never easy. Birth is hard work – it is about physical endurance, it is about mental strength, it is about keeping going when you don’t think you have anything left.

Woman in labour are amazing – what we can endure to birth our babies is incredible.

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