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I love to write, I get a sense of peace as I write and type and put words onto a blank sheet of paper. I wrote as a kid, long before computers, when my beloved typewriter was my friend. But I never wrote a diary – my life was too dull and my energies went into writing something creative.

But I started writing for me and about me 17 years ago when I was planning my first pregnancy and then throughout that pregnancy as I changed, as I became less selfish and as I became a mother. I needed an outlet for my fears and excitement and for my hopes for the future with a child. This was before blogging so the words were only for my eyes and it helped me get prepared for what was to come.

Essay writing then took over my life when I began my antenatal teacher training but writing for me came back with a passion when I was pregnant with my third child, which was emotionally difficult due to his heart defect and his uncertain future. Writing helped me remain sane, I could pour it all out onto an empty page. I frequently let all of my emotion out, I got angry, I said things I couldn’t say to anyone else – otherwise I think everything would have stayed bottled up.

Now I write for me whenever I need to clear my head – it can be outpourings of whatever emotions are taking up space or it can be lists to help me digest and plan and focus. Sometimes just getting thoughts down on paper can clear my head – I can see them differently when they are staring back at me from the page or it allows me to plan and make changes.

My head can be a jumbled place of appointments, work, kids and just stuff so lists are crucial and writing clearly can be crucial for headspace, clarity, sanity and a positive focus. I suggest this to some of my clients, when they are struggling to make sense of aspects of their lives or they are struggling to focus. You don’t need to be a writer, you just need to write.

Janine x
antenatal teacher, postnatal group leader, parent life coach


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