3 things you need to know about Newborn Photography



1. When is the best time for newborn photos? 

You may have heard that newborn photography is best within the first 2 weeks of birth. Often this is the case,  because your baby is so sleepy and easy to pose when they are brand new. As your baby gets older, day by day, their legs tend to stretch out and they become more alert which can make posing more of a challenge.  If you do have your session in the first 14 days, don’t have your heart set on a particular pose as it might not work out. All babies are different – it can depend on what kind of birth they had, for example some babies wont tuck at all if they were breech. Or perhaps they may have discomfort from wind. It is important to go with the baby’s cues – you can’t force a position.

A baby should be at least 6.5 lbs before a posed photo shoot is attempted. Other things that will affect the time of the shoot are if a baby is premature or in need of extra care – in which case we can delay the session for as long as is needed. Don’t feel stressed that you might miss out on the early posing stage, we can still get gorgeous images. There is also lifestyle baby portraits which are more natural but just as lovely and it doesn’t matter if your baby is older as there will be no direct posing involved.



2. Where should the session be held?

A newborn session can last around 2 hours. Many new mums, even if they are well in themselves, don’t want the ordeal of a studio session and that is why I recommend a home session. It is even more important if there are older siblings who may become restless in the studio, when they could be at home with their toys.

Baby Emily 10 days old



3. What should you expect?  Newborn photography requires a lot of patience!

A photographer who specialises in newborns is very important. They should understand what it is like to be a new parent themselves and know soothing techniques for when the baby fusses. I know a few which work very well but patience is a must.

Keeping your room warm with background noise is  really important to help the baby settle. After a feed, I usually start by swaddling with cosy wraps and hopefully she will drift off into a sound sleep.  I also try naked baby pictures, but I don’t even think about trying that at the start, as baby will probably raise hell!

Safety first – when I pose babies I like to keep it natural and foetal looking and I tend not to attempt the awkward poses as I don’t like the idea of forcing their delicate bodies. I also don’t hang babies in slings and from props which I think look dangerous – being a mother myself I treat all babies like they are my own.




Hello!  I am Rachel at RJM Photography, based in Bedlington and covering the surrounding areas. I specialise in photographing maternity, new born babies and children. 

As a children’s photographer I love how every session is different and each child has their own personality. I really enjoy working with children, whether they are quiet and shy or high spirited, I love capturing those special fun and happy moments when they forget I am there. Creating beautiful photographic artwork for parents to hang up in their home and treasure every day is my goal.
I am also a busy mum of two, a wife and when I get some spare time I like to spend time in my garden. I’d love for you to visit my website www.rjm-photography.co.uk
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