A happy doula


After writing about being on call earlier in the week, the baby is here and my work as a doula for this family is done.

Attending a birth is a privilege and one of the most amazing experiences, I don’t think I will ever tire of seeing a woman bring her baby into the world.  Birth is raw, it can be challenging, it can be tough going at times and this birth was all of that but it was also pretty bloody brilliant.

A second pregnancy after a previous homebirth but, due to low platelets, a homebirth was not possible this time round. Despite concerns about the birth being too medical, my client had fabulously supportive midwives, the pool was filled and in she got, the platelets deemed not a concern until it became a concern, which it didn’t. She laboured and birthed in the pool and it was beautiful. It was calm with just one midwife and no doctors, despite being ‘high risk’ and it was a close to a homebirth and they were going to get.

As a doula I was there to help keep her calm as her contractions intensified – breathing, a hand to hold and eye contact when she was scared. I guess it doesn’t sound like much but it can make all the difference.

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