active birth


When I was pregnant for the first time and I was trying to trust my instincts as I prepared for giving birth, this book had a huge impact on me. While everyone around me was trying to convince me that I couldn’t do it without pain relief, that hospital was where I should be, that I had to hand over control to the medics who knew best, I was thinking home waterbirth in my living room with pain, my husband and a midwife for company. Most people thought I was mad and a few suggested that I wouldn’t be able to do it.

When I found this book, it helped me realise that my instincts and my desires for the birth of my baby were normal. It helped me believe in my body and in my ability to go with the flow and to allow my body to birth my baby.

It was an empowering read and it taught me about my body and what it was capable of. If you are pregnant, read it!