Birth: take control  


Hearing that maternity units are understaffed and that some of the midwives may be exhausted, unmotivated and unable to provide the care they want to provide for women will probably fill the head of any expectant mother with dread and fear.  So, if you are pregnant – what can you do?


To feel confident, able and in control it can help to…


Be better prepared – read well, go to good antenatal classes with your birth partner, know how to stay calm and to be assertive and to ask for what you want when you need to.

Know to move to get more comfortable, know how to use your breathing to stay calm and in control, know how to use your head to stay positive and to keep going if you hit a tough patch.

Know your body, trust it and listen to it

Talk through any fear and get your head in the right place

Research where to have your baby – look at all your options because home or a birthing centre could provide you with more one-to-one care than a busier obstetric unit

Hire a doula to provide you with ongoing support and reassurance throughout labour



And this is not about a natural birth, it’s about a positive birth, it’s about having support as a new mum. Birth can sometimes be a tough journey – some women want to and can do this with little or no pain relief, others will need a cocktail of drugs as labour progresses – and that is why labour is unique for every woman. The intensity of labour,  the emotions and the power of the contractions can sometimes be frightening, it can create doubt, panic, anxiety, fear, distress and pain. This is all normal but parents need to know it’s normal, and it helps to have skills and support throughout labour to help with fear and vulnerability, to know what relief is available and to head off any panic and stay as calm and in control as possible.

Birth is life changing and taking control and being as prepared as possible does make a difference.

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