Book Review: A Baby Wants To Be Carried

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A Baby Wants To Be Carried
by Evelin Kirkilionis



baby carrying provides protection, affection and safety



this is a great book which outlines the benefits of baby carrying…

a baby’s needs and development

myths and facts

boosting the parent/child relationship and developing independence

choosing the right carrier for you

a practical guide to the different uses of a woven wrap with a useful step-by-step picture guide to help you get it right

the essentials for carrying your baby

and it includes research, which is always important to validate the information



I love this book and I am adding it to the library at the Birth & Baby Family Centre – it beautifully reinforces our need and desire to carry our babies, to soothe them and to keep them close and, with its step-by-step picture guide, it is also a really practical and useful book for new parents.  



Rachel Coy from the North East Sling Library has also read the book:

A perfect coffee table book which looks at the biological and sociological reason for baby carrying. Evelin Kirkilonis has presented her ideas and findings in an accessible way. Occasionally the translation from original German to English Is a little clunky but overall message is clear. Evelin Kirkilonis’ research into spread squat position and explanation of why babies need to be clinging or carried young provide comfort to parents who find they can’t put their baby down. A lovely book and have enjoyed reading it.


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