Brilliant foods for pregnancy

foods for pregnancy

It’s been a while since I was last pregnant but I remember all too well the effects growing a baby had on my appetite – from feeling sick and not really fancying anything to feeling starving and never full.

Pregnancy can be a time when we feel like we can eat for two, when diets and healthy eating can go out the window especially when we feel tired. While pregnancy is not a time for a calorie controlled diet, it is a time to eat healthily – cutting down on processed foods, ready meals and sugary snacks can help you feel better and will help to keep your weight gain at a normal level.

I like food and I know how easy it is to fall into the biscuit barrel so it’s all about balance and remembering to eat some good stuff as well…

Foods for Pregnancy: fresh fruit and veg for meals and snacks

Broccoli and cabbage are especially rich in vitamins and nutrients but a wide selection of colourful fruit and vegetables is going to be great for your health.

Foods for Pregnancy: carbs are great for energy

Wholemeal bread, pasta, rice, sweet potatoes and oats are great sources of vitamins and fibre which could help you feel satisfied and give you a much needed energy boost.

Foods for Pregnancy: protein

Beans and chickpeas also contain fibre, which can help prevent constipation

Eggs are low calorie but high in vitamins, minerals and protein

When eating red meat such as beef and pork, make sure it is lean

Chicken and turkey

Salmon (but no more than 12oz a week)

Foods for Pregnancy: calcium

Greek yoghurt can be a great source of calcium and it will also add protein to your diet

Foods for Pregnancy: water

Your body is changing and working hard so you need to stay hydrated. Drinking water can keep you energised and it can also keep headaches and constipation  away too.


Eat healthily – try to see food as fuel to help your body function better as it makes your baby but don’t feel bad when only a slice of cake will do!

More information: NHS Pregnancy Diet



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