are your dancing feet ready?


The fantastic Decote Pre-School Dance Academy has joined the Birth & Baby Network. Run by Jo-Anne Torre, the dance academy provides ballet, tap and hip-hop style classes for children aged from 18 months.




This is a fun, informal class that will enable your child to run, jump, skip, wave their magic wands, plié and point their way through the brilliant programme, developed by Jo-Anne Torre.

As the children gain confidence, they will be able to develop their technique.



The Funky Monkeyz programme has again been especially designed my Jo-Anne and offers the chance for children to take part in a faster pace class. This more hip hop based class is very popular with both girls and boys.



This is a really popular class and children have loads of toe tapping fun as they work towards the ATOD pre school grades. 


Decote Dance is run by Jo-Anne Torre, a mum of three who is a trained fitness instructor and childminder as well as an experienced, qualified dancer. Jo-Anne loves to inspire children and she believes that, through expression of dance and music, this can be done. Jo-Anne is passionate about what she does, which makes her the perfect addition to the Birth & Baby Network.

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