Dynamic Positions in Birth

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A fresh look at how women’s bodies work in labour

by Margaret Jowitt

This is a simply brilliant book which looks at the physiology of birth, how the uterus works and why using positions and gravity are key for labour and birth.

The book looks at common medical practices – such as being on the bed – and challenges it with a different perspective and the science of the physiology – and gives a better understanding of the relationship between the hormones of labour and how the uterus functions. 

It reinforces how unique labour is and how the pattern of contractions and the pace of labour can be affected by the position of a baby, the positions of the woman in labour and how relaxed and safe she feels.  It talks about what is normal, what affects labour and what makes a different to birthing women and to the flow of labour – every birth professional should read this book to gain a positive perspective on the physiology of birth.

The Birth & Baby Network

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The Birth & Baby Network

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