Smarter Life Fitness specialises in Pregnancy and Post Natal Exercise for women. I offer tailored one to one sessions in your home or outdoors, which are unique to your specific needs and trimester. I offer one to one sessions as I feel it’s important for women to have 100% focus on them. Therefore I can cater to their specific requirements and needs, which is why it’s so unique.

The benefits

Research has shown that exercise during and after pregnancy has many benefits, which can include:

  • Quicker post natal recovery
  • Reduced swelling
  • Reduced weight gain
  • Reduced risk of lower back pain
  • Easier shorter labour



 Pregnancy sessions 

The sessions I offer will help women to maintain a healthy weight and to keep fit during their pregnancy. Sessions consist of low-impact aerobics tailored specifically to the needs of each pregnant woman, toning work to keep the arms and legs firm and core work to strengthen all the muscles put under strain during pregnancy and labour.


“While every mother’s experience is different, I had an easy pregnancy for which I  attribute to my prenatal training with Charlotte. I had numerous mothers tell me how quick and relatively painless their deliveries were without an epidural and they each attributed it as a direct result of exercising and maintaining good muscle tone throughout their pregnancies. Charlotte showed me how to exercise without getting hurt or hurting my baby. Charlotte was constantly monitoring me adjusted my workouts according to energy levels and how many weeks gestation I was at.

 If you are contemplating a pregnancy fitness plan, consider all the health benefits that come with staying fit during this special time, and consider training with Charlotte. She will be the most devoted and committed trainer you will ever train with.”

Liz Johnston, Mummy to Amelia 7 months



charlotte Smarter Life Fitness is run by Charlotte Hagen

I am a professional dancer and personal trainer and it is my passion to help as many women as possible to feel comfortable, healthy and fit during and after their pregnancy. So many women I talk to are confused and don’t know what they should or shouldn’t be doing whilst exercising – if exercising at all!

So it is my mission to get as many women as I can moving during and after pregnancy. I chose to be a Pregnancy and Postnatal specialist to educate, help and raise awareness of the benefits of leading an active lifestyle during and after pregnancy. It is very rewarding seeing clients having fun and feeling the benefit of what I offer them – to me there is no better feeling.


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