This was my lifeline when I was planning my first homebirth and I was full of uncertainties and wondering if I was taking a huge risk even though I was supported by my husband and my wonderful community midwife and all my instincts told me it was right for me.

I was glad to have a book to dip into when any fears arose, when I needed to read other homebirth stories and when I needed some positive, straight-talking information.


The book will talk you through:

The history of homebirth and why women choose to give birth at home


Obtaining a homebirth

If you have a high risk pregnancy

Complications of pregnancy

Giving birth

Potential problems in labour and after giving birth


The book has a great writing style – it is easy to read and it is informative without suggesting it is the best place to give birth for everyone. It is for expectant parents who want to find out more about homebirth or even using a birthing centre, who want to weigh up their options.

Homebirth is easy to dip in and out of, it is full of case studies, it is full of answers to the what-if questions and it will provide you with the questions to ask of your midwife so you can make an informed decision about where to give birth to your baby.

It’s a positive read and it exists to help women get the birth they want.