ina may


Spiritual Midwifery and her Guide to Childbirth are brilliant books which I love to dip into. Ina May is woman focused and has a non medical philosophy of birth – her support is about treating each woman and each labour uniquely irrelevant of the ‘low risk’ and ‘high risk’ labels which are often attached to pregnant/labouring women.

Her passion for birth and treating women with greater respect is infectious and her words, along her experience and her work have impacted on me as a mother, an antenatal teacher and a birth doula.

While Ina May doesn’t deny that medical interventions have their place, she doesn’t want them to be seen as the only way. She passionately believes that – given the right information, environment and support – the majority of women can birth without fear and without complications.

Her books contain birth stories and pictures, physiological information and why breathing, believing, time, support and listening can make all the difference to a woman in labour. Her books also share some unusual ideas to aid labour which are examples of Ina May’s years of experience as a midwife.

Her words and her work are simply beautiful and it would be brilliant if her books could be read by every pregnant woman, birthing partner, midwife and doula…