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Many women in labour like to use a TENS machine as pain relief, especially in the early stages. TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator and it works by sending little electric pulses through sticky pads, which are placed on the back.

The mum-to-be can be mobile and in any position she wants with the TENS on. The pads send gentle pulses through the body all the time and the ‘boost’ button can be pressed at the onset of a contraction to increase the intensity of the pulse for the duration of the contraction.

I have three machines and they are hired out for two weeks either side of the due date at a cost of £20. A £40 deposit is required at the time of hire (usually a separate cheque or cash), which will be returned to you when the machine comes back.

To find out more you can contact Rebecca Seal:

0191 447 5615
07884 400467


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