To look after yourself!


Your focus may be on meeting the needs of your baby but, to do this effectively, you also need to look after yourself. It might not be possible all the time but try to…

eat well

sleep/rest when you can

get out of the house

meet up with other mums

take a break

ask for help if you need it

don’t be too hard on yourself

prioritise your workload

One of the main issues I hear about from new mums, as they get to grips with their new responsibilities and the changes this brings to their life, is that they don’t feel like they are doing anything worthwhile.

As a new mum you might feel that ‘all’ you are doing in a week is changing nappies, mopping up sick, feeding your baby, helping your baby get to sleep, pushing the pram…

And it’s easy to underestimate what exactly you are doing but you are loving, caring, nurturing, comforting, teaching, providing safety and security and the environment for your baby to grow, learn and development. You are doing an amazing job and that’s why mum’s rock!

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Janine Rudin

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