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Human babies are pretty helpless, they can’t look after themselves and they need to communicate with their body language and by crying.

The obvious things they need are food, warmth and to be clean and comfortable. And these things are important but so is their need for human touch, love, security and reassurance.

If your baby or toddler seems ‘clingy’ chances are they may feel scared or unsure and, as such, they are clinging to you to reduce their stress levels and to help them feel more secure. This often happens with developmental milestones – as your baby learns to do more, they may need some reassurance as they adjust to their new skills and abiities.

Babies are not able to calm themselves if they are stressed or upset – they need you to balance their hormones, to steady their heartbeat and to ease their upset. It’s easier said that done sometimes but try to remember that your baby isn’t manipulating you, they just need you to help them to be calm and settled.

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