Nurturing New Families

A guide to supporting parents and their newborn babies

by Naomi Kemeny

Aimed at promoting the benefits of using a postnatal doula, this book is also a great handbook for parents and anyone who is supporting a new mother. It highlights the importance of support and care and looking after yourself when you have had a baby rather than having to get stuff done and continuing as normal, which can be a pressure in our society.

“Every bit of help you receive adds to your reserves. planning ahead ensures that you will have the help and support necessary to keep your well full” (Romm, 2002)

 Nurturing New Families looks at:

babies – what you need to know – normal behaviour and characteristics as well as soothing crying and unsettled babies

mothers – what you need to know – what to expect physically and emotionally after pregnancy and birth along with practical tips for resting and support

partners – tips for supporting your partner and looking after yourself

feeding – breast, bottle and formula

postnatal depression – concerns and support

This is a great book to help parents prepare better for what may lie ahead in those early days and weeks with their new baby – what support is going to be useful and how to conserve energy and practical tips to feel more rested and able. It can often to be taken for granted how much support new parents may need and this book addresses this brilliantly.

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