Oh the places I have fed



The Trampgate breastfeeding story got me thinking about all the places I fed my babies in public. I am a bolshy bugger and I always fed my babies when they needed feeding – getting a boob out was never an issue if my baby needed food or comfort. What’s worse – a screaming, unhappy baby or a happy, comforted baby?

I haven’t fed anywhere out of the ordinary but I have breastfed in lots of places…



art gallery and museum

shopping centres





park benches

town and city benches 



on a bus

service stations

tutorials and a training event

a conference

a castle

registry office

my wedding

just walking down the street 

on country walks

maternity unit meetings

No one ever said anything and, on most occasions, I bet hardly anyone noticed, especially when my girls were little babies. As my breastfeeding days are 13 and 10 years ago, this was thankfully before the age of social media so no one had the opportunity to publicly shame me and call me a tramp.

It just saddens me that women are having to defend feeding their babies in public – it’s a boob, a tit, a breast designed to feed babies, it’s just some flesh that probably won’t even be seen anyway.


Where have you fed your babies?


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