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After reading the article in the Mail today, entitled: What IS wrong with our midwives? I would like to share stories of some positive birth stories, to celebrate brilliant midwives who have made a difference…

I have had had three babies, each time supported by brilliant NHS midwives who were part of my team, who kept me going, who gave me their time, who made me feel safe and capable. I had homebirths with my first two babies and a hospital birth with my third.

With my first baby, Judith sat with me from early labour, she gave me support and reassurance as those contractions intensified and I learned to breathe through each one. 

With my second baby, Norah gave me strength when I was having a very stop-start early labour due to a back to back baby. I will never forget her words of support, of the care she took to reassure me that this was my labour and that my baby was on her way. And during my fast established labour, I will also never forget her hands on my back providing a magical pressure which eased my back ache.

With my third baby, Helen protected my space in that delivery suite. I was high risk and my baby needed continuous monitoring but she made sure I was off the bed, using the ball and my breathing. She told an Obstretrician to go away because he wasn’t needed, she told a Paediatrician to wait until my contraction was finished before speaking to me and she fought my corner when the Obstetrician wanted me on the bed and then wanted to prep me for a Caesarean because he didn’t believe my baby was being born.

And, as a birth doula, I have seen community and hospital midwives fight for the choices of the women they are looking after. Brilliant midwives make such a difference and that passion and determination needs to be celebrated and shared.

You can send your birth stories and comments about your midwife to me at: janine@birthandbabyco.com


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